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Excellent training throughout. My training began back in December 2013 with my CBT on an automatic scooter 125cc, which was very thorough. Terry and Lewis were both very friendly and patient, especially wih me being a complete novice. I enjoyed the CBT so much I decided I would go for the full DAS licence. I completed my Theory Test in December 2013, and then went on to a Gear Conversion Course in January 2014. This again was very well done, and I was riding a manual bike within the first 20 mins of the lesson with Lewis. This lesson was was carried out in the pouring rain (I could just about see!), so credit to Lewis for standing in the rain and getting me on a manual bike.

June 2014 I hired a 125cc Bike for 7 days and booked my DAS. Mod 1 training started in August 2014 and this was very well done again. I was pretty nervous getting on the 600cc Honda CBF600 for the first time, but within the first 1hr I felt comfortable on it. Unfortunately I didn’t get through my Module 1 first time, but I was determined to get my licence. Finally passed my Module 1 in October 2014. Booked and passed my Module 2 first time in November 2014. I didn’t have a 125cc Bike to practice on regularly and I had to space my training out due to work commitments, but I managed to get my licence through training with MCT london. Yes, it is better to have a 125cc bike to practice on regularly, it makes a huge difference!

Big thanks to Lewis (who did most of my training), Terry and Maria! I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Honda Hornet 🙂 !



I cannot praise Terry and Stacey enough!! Professional, patient and enjoyable!!
I decided to book with MCT as they offered the ITM course, so felt I could get more experience on a bike without feeling anxious about completing a CBT. The course was excellent. I improved upon my weaknesses and built up my confidence. I went on to book my CBT with them three days later and Stacey and Terry were brilliant. They understand that everyone learns at a different pace and are excellent at letting you know when you’re doing well!! I would definitely return to MCT in the future!!


A big thanks to everyone at MCT London (especially Terry) for giving me the experience of my life and of course helping me to pass my tests to get my A2 licence.
My previous CBT had expired so I had to renew it and I was recommended to renew it with MCT London with Honda Chiswick, so I went onto the user friendly website and booked myself onto a CBT course, and on the day Russell was doing my course, once all 5 elements of the CBT were done, I had successfully passed my CBT!
Now to the exciting part, I was looking to buy a 125cc bike but the finance was taking very long, so I completely changed my mind and decided to do my A2 licence with MCT London! I gave them a call and Lewis booked me in for a quick 30 minutes session to see my ability on a big bike, and I’m pleased to say it went on well, and while I was doing that, Terry asked me if I wanted to do my module 1 test the following Thursday. So the next day I was back in for module 1 training and it was really good and Terry made it very easy to understand. I ended up passing my module 1 and it was time for the module 2 training! Terry did a very important classroom lesson where I learnt a lot about road positions, and after that it was back to the bikes and riding on the open roads. On our break, Terry took us to a Lebanese restaurant and the food was magnificent! Once we were full, it was back to the bikes and more training! By the end of the day, I was exhausted but I was looking forward to my test day. Before we went to the test centre, we did a lot of practice to get more confident with them and I’m pleased to say I passed my test first with only 1 minor! I was very pleased and over the moon to get my A2 licence and once again thanks to everyone at MCT London!!

A BIG thank you to Terry and Lewis at MTL!

Just passed my Mod 2 with Terry, chuffed! I had never ridden a bike before I came to MTL, couldn’t have even told you how to switch one on.

After taking my CBT with the biker chick there I came back to book a DAS. Terry gave me an assessment where he highlighted my main areas for improvement being slow control and forward planning.

His recommendation was to rent one of their CG 125’s for a week rather than book £00’s more training in 1-2-1 instruction, and work on it in my own time – which I did. I came back, passed my Mod 1 after 1 day training, next day test, which I failed first time round on account of clipping a cone with my boot on the swerve. Passed the second time around with 0 faults. Passed my Mod 2 this morning again with 1 day training followed by test, got 3 minors for “progression”, ie not going fast enough – challenge accepted! Terry and his bunch are just down to earth, throughout my training there was no flapping, no stressing out, and no breathing down my neck. Just correction as and when I needed it, “livesaver Mike”, “Get up to speed quicker Mike”, etc. Even when I started making stupid mistakes all I got was “you’re getting tired, lets go grab a coffee at Chiswick Honda and refresh”.

FYI they had the SP there…. :w00t: Really can’t rate them enough, a first rate outfit!

Gents, Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for getting me through the whole process so quickly, especially Terry who helped me out with building my confidence from day one. With all your advice, patience and understanding my CBT was a piece of cake and MOD1 and MOD2 were really straightforward. I really enjoyed the training and the coffee…so for anyone who is interested in doing CBT or Full Licence should consider MCT LONDON. Highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed! Trust me!

Message : Hi guys, much overdue, but I just wanted to write to say thanks for the brilliant experience I had in doing my CBT on 16th Feb. It was a few days before I was heading off to Thailand to try my luck riding around one of the southern islands; having had limited experience on a bike before I was excited yet nervous about the prospect of getting out on UK roads for the first time. Any nerves quickly subsided – my instructor Lewis thoroughly covered all the bases, starting with a familiarisation of riding gear and clothing, the bike and its controls, basics of bike maintenance and pre-ride checks, before starting a practical session involving basic manoeuvres then a class session on safety, road riding techniques and positioning. After another practical session on traffic simulations and emergency stops we headed out on a ride around West London making the most of the sunny weather to take in a scenic route around Richmond, stopping at Chiswick Honda en route for refreshments and a chance to get some info on the sort of bikes one could buy once licensed. The pace of tuition was individually tailored to each rider throughout the day so that at no point did I ever feel rushed or pushed onto another manoeuvre before feeling comfortable with everything covered so far; in all the day was absolutely fantastic, the guys here clearly love riding and their enthusiasm comes across in their tuition. I really enjoyed getting my CBT and would highly recommend anyone considering it to go with MCT.
Thanks again!

CBT date: Tuesday 19 November 2013

A very cold day spent in a warm and friendly environment. Professional instructors have trained me to ride on the road safety. They provide very good equipment (helmet, gloves, jacket, well kept bikes).  Terry and Lewis have been very patient with us…in the end we passed the test mainly thanks to them. If you choose MTL to train your self due passing a CBT or a full bike test I strongly reccomanded it…just to let you know…the only problem…and I repeat…the ONLY problem was that sometimes some airplanes were stopping our conversations post practise! 😀

And just to do not forget anyone…there is also a lovely lady in the office who offers you tea or coffee! and there is also a heater who offers you its self…and trust me during the winter it is something to keep in your mind all the time…like I did.
see you guys


I cannot recommend Motorcycle Training London enough passing both of my modules the first time for DAS. I regretted not doing my CBT with them when I saw other potential riders doing there CBT and how in depth and knowledgeable the CBT programme was laid out. It was very impressive to say the least!

I had done my CBT with another school, and having been riding my Yamaha YZF-R125 for under a year when I decided to go for my DAS; these guys came highly recommended from a mate who did her lessons with them after being ripped off from countless training schools.

The first day was an assessment that I was booked in for, a very friendly instructor popped me on a Honda CBF600 which in comparison is a much heavier and faster bike and NOT a CBF125 or any 125 for that matter to make an assessment over my riding skills. I was observed and given feedback over my skills and the areas that required improving. Throughout my assessment the instructor was amazingly patient with me as I was nervous as anything. He made sure that I was with grips on my nerves in less than 15 mins.
Having been assessed, I was booked in on the basis of 1 day training and next day test for both Module1 and Module 2.

On my module 1 training my instructor got us in early morning, was extremely friendly and helped us cover everything that we needed to cover to pass module 1. There were times during the day when he would repeat himself more than couple of times to correct me however, he was patient, friendly and told us exactly what we needed to hear to improve. The training was quite intense but was much needed! We practised manoeuvres on and off the pad. I was asked to show up early at the training school just so we could have a warm up session before heading out to the test centre for the test. This helped on the day making me relaxed and to be with grips on what was expected of me to pass the test. I am pleased to say I passed with 2 minors on my first attempt and would thank the experienced and approachable instructors at the school. 🙂

For my module 2 – One day of extensive training was arranged (bright and early) this was much needed as chances of things going wrong on Mod 2 are far greater than Mod 1. My instructor kept it friendly and gave me critical analysis of what needed to be achieved to be a better and safe rider! He took us on a route which involved every single manoeuvre in the book an examiner can test you on. I was encouraged throughout my riding and given constant feedback to boost my confidence and to correct my errors! On the day of test I was asked to get to the school early to complete a warm up session before going for the test. I am again pleased to say I passed Mod 2 with 4 minors on my first attempt. 🙂

I would like to thank the whole team at the training school for helping me to successfully pass my test and for being ever so supportive! The hunt for the bike is still under way… cannot wait until I have my own CBR600! MCT London has been terrific and I am humbled to have met you guys! You are indeed an amazing bunch of people running a school not to make money but to make better and safe riders! 🙂

P.S. the lunch place was amazing too!!! 🙂 😉

I would highly recommend these guys for both CBT and DAS! Very approachable and supportive staff! Passing first time on all test after no riding experience when I first approached these guys!

I went from having no motorcycle experience at all….never owned a motorcycle… completing my CBT and both practical motorcycle modules first time round and within less than 2 months.

After finding MCT London when looking online to complete my CBT it came in at the cheapest price of £79 even on a bank holiday Monday. My dad was off so as a random one off, he decided to try it out too. Both of us had never rode a bike before and so wanted to test ourselves with a manual geared bike. The guys were very supported and training was in great depth for beginners.

This then spurred me on to complete Direct Access Scheme (DAS) because I wanted a bigger and much better looking bike :p….. Harley 😀

Within 1 month I had completed my bike theory test and looked to get more road experience (as I had only my CBT experience) so I hired a nearly new Honda 125cc from MCT London for a week at a very low cost and commuted to work and had a couple of trips out of London. For first time riders this is essential! Great for giving riders much needed confidence! Following the hire period I was given a 30min trial on a 600cc to see if my bike controlling skills had improved

Next up was Mod 1 training and test- which I was given a Honda CBF 600, much heavier and faster bike. Slightly nerving at start, but very experienced training staff were there on hand for assistance and support. 1 full days training covering all manoeuvres was intensive but essential. At the end of the day I was comfortable with what I had to do to pass. Within 2 days I had my Mod 1 test. On the test day I was asked to arrive early so we could do a warm up and quickly go over the routine. This was very useful, I didn’t feel rushed at all. I passed with no Minors 🙂

Mod 2 – again 1 full days training and test day warm up was all that was needed. I found the mod 2 hardest as there is more that can go wrong out on a live road rather than a tennis court. There are many routes than the examiner can take you out, so covering them all would be very pricey. My trainer took me to the more tricky areas and we pulled over to discuss certain junctions which again helped me to completely understand what I should do if I was to use it on my test. Test day was the next day. I was asked to arrive at 8:30 with the test at 11:40. We got out on the road and practised my observations around junctions which was my weak spot. My trainer helped me to put them right. I was ready for the test. Following a successful completion of my mod 2 first time with just 6 minors. I couldn’t have asked for a better service from MCT London!

Now waiting for my Harley to arrive 🙂

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